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Pakistan, country officially called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is located in South East Asia overlapping with the Middle East. Pakistan is the sixth most populated country in the world and Second most populated Muslim country. One of the popular traditions in Pakistan is exchanging gifts with each other on occasions.


A gift is transfer of money, goods, etc without direct compensation that is involved in trade. In many human societies, including Pakistan the act of mutually exchanging gifts contributes to social cohesion. Sending gifts to each other on occasions is a big part of Pakistani culture.

Gifts in Pakistan

Sending gifts is a big part of Pakistani traditions. Be it any occasion, traditional gifts are exchanged among people and families to mark that occasion.

Popular gifts in Pakistan

Gifts play an important role in Pakistani culture. Some of the most popular gifts in Pakistan include cakes from famous hotels and bakeries in Pakistan, Flowers from the best florist specializing in sending gifts in Pakistan, Chocolates as gifts, Pakistani Mithai gifted on occasions in Pakistan, gift baskets and fruit baskets customized for special occasions in Pakistan and sent as gift to someone special.


Cake is a form of food in Pakistan that is usually sweet and often baked and sent to people on special occasions as gift. Cake is often served as dessert for meals in Pakistan at ceremonial occasions in Pakistan, particularly weddings in Pakistan, anniversaries in Pakistan and Birthdays in Pakistan. It is also gifted on special occasions in Pakistan.

Calling Cards

Telephone prepaid calling cards are used to pay for Phone Services in Pakistan. These telephone cards have pre-paid credit in which a card is purchased with specific balance, from which calls made anywhere from Pakistan are deducted. Pre-paid Cards are disposable and have a PIN number printed on it.


Chocolate, made out of the bean of tropical cacao tree, is the solid and fat combination, sweetened with sugar and other ingredients, that are made into chocolate bars in Pakistan. These chocolate bars are commonly called chocolate by public in Pakistan. It is one of the most common types of gifts in Pakistan.

Combination Deals

Combination deals in Pakistan refer to a package of a number of items that when priced together are cheaper deal for anyone to buy as gift item in Pakistan.

Dinner Vouchers

Dinner Vouchers are coupons that can be redeemed in Hotels in Pakistan for dinner. These coupons are usually gifted in Pakistan.

Dry Fruits

Dried fruits are fruits that have been dried, either naturally or through use of machine called dehydrator in Pakistan. Most common types include raisins, plum, prunes, pistachio and almonds. In Pakistan, they are gifted on occasions like engagement and weddings.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts, a franchise, has a great variety of donuts and munchkins in Pakistan. These are a great form of gift in Pakistan for children.


Flower, also known as bloom or blossom in Pakistan, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants. After fertilization, portions of flower develop into a fruit containing seeds. Pakistan has a great variety of fresh seasonal flowers that are gifted on almost all occasions in Pakistan.

Fresh Fruits Baskets

Fruits are a healthy form of food. Fresh fruits in Pakistan are one of the most delicious found all over the world. One of the most popular form of gifts in Pakistan on occasions like Eid, Birth of new baby and wedding are fresh fruits basket.

Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets are a great form of gift in Pakistan. These gift baskets include cookies, chocolates, juices, fruits, etc, and make a great gift in Pakistan.

Gifts for Her

Gifts for her category is specially to gift items like silver ring, Pashmina, Lockets and other personal stuff to any girl/woman in Pakistan as a gift.

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him category is specially designed for males in Pakistan who prefer gifts like Band, Shirts, Pants, Tie and Wallet, which are make them feel manly.

Hand Made Greeting Cards

Hand-made cards are greeting cards that are not just printed but have embossed and other decorated things on them that make them more personalized and liked gift in Pakistan than the regular printed greeting cards gifted otherwise.


Kentucky Fried Chicken, a Franchise in Pakistan is one of the popular ones. Gifting someone a food deal from KFC in Pakistan is a widely used tactic in Pakistan.

Mc Donalds

Mc Donald Franchise in Pakistan offers deals that are mouthwatering and serve as a good gift item for people who like MC Donald and other fast food in Pakistan.


Pakistani Sweets or Mithai, consist of different kinds of milk, sugar and flour based confectionaries originating from the sub-continent. They are normally rich in sugar and take long time to prepare in Pakistan. Common sweets or mithai in Pakistan those are common as gifts include Gulab Jamun, Kalakand, jalebi, Ras Gula, and so forth. Mithais are usually gifted to Pakistani people on occasions like Eid, Wedding, birth of baby, etc.

New Born Gifts

Gifts that are sent in Pakistan on the birth of new born baby are very popular. These include gift baskets with fruits and cookies, clothes basket, new born accessories, etc.


Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents used to give the human body, objects a pleasant smell. Perfumes make a perfect gift for men and women in Pakistan.

Pizza Hut

One of the most popular franchises in Pakistan is Pizza Hut. Sending deals from Pizza hut as gift to someone in Pakistan, specially if it is someone from your family at a time like Ramadan is liked and enjoyed in Pakistan.

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed Toy is a toy animal stuffed with straw, beans, cotton or other similar materials. Children in Pakistan like receiving stuffed toys as gifts from their loved ones.

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